Lenora’s Birthday

So Thursday was my lovely wife’s birthday. Coincidentally, my sister was here with her son who has a birthday that same day. My mom also came with them. So we went to an indoor trampoline park to let the kids burn some energy. Looked amazingly fun, but sadly, I couldn’t join in. However, to prove how young she still is, Lenora did join in.



Then after that bit of fun, we all came back here for supper and birthday cake that me and the boys whipped up the night before (the cake, not the supper).  Thanks for the inspiration, Fred.


As far as we know, no one got sick or died from it.  The best part was, I felt wonderfully energized that whole day. I jokingly said to Lenora, maybe that part was God’s gift to her. 😉

Anyway, Happy Birthday again, my sweet. I love you a bunch.


Half Done!

I can hardly believe it, as of now, I’m half done with radiation treatments. Today was treatment 15 of 30. The hair is coming out steadily and I think tomorrow the wig clinic at the Cross will shave my head for me. But don’t worry, I won’t get a wig made. I considered getting a full head of ’80’s hair done, but that would freak my kids out. For now, I’ll just be my usual, though slightly more so, bald self.

Otherwise, things are good.

Good Friends and Hair Loss

So this evening, we were very blessed to have some wonderful friends from La Crete come for a visit. Not only did they come and encourage us, but they also brought us lots of food.  Thank you so much to all who were involved with that. It is our prayer that God will richly bless your kind generosity.

So now, my hair is definitely starting to come out. No one would notice yet, but I can’t help but pick a little bit (much to my wife’s dismay) to see if it’s getting loose and it definitely is. Soon, I’ll be even more bald.  After Wednesdays treatment, I’ll be half way done with radiation treatments. It is going by quite quickly.

This is quite a busy week for us with visitors from home. We are thankful for the visitors and the love and kindness they bring.

Starting to feel it.

So yesterday, after treatment, I noticed I was very tired. Today, same thing. I think maybe the fatigue is starting. However, no hairloss yet (at least not from radiation, lol).  Oh well, I’m sure thankful for first while of no side effects.

Each day, I travel to and from my appointments with a volunteer driver through the Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Driver Program. What a wonderful program.  Interestingly, the first day, the driver and I were just chatting and it turns out he is married to my mom’s first cousin. Small world. They pick me up, wait during my treatment and then drive me home again. I can’t imagine doing this without that program. Sure will change my answer the next time they call about a donation. :mrgreen: Also, today the driver gave me an electric blanket that Sunbeam Canada had donated for patients. Very nice program.

The boys are doing alright with the adjustment to city life. There’s a nice big park just down the street from our rented house. They’ve been swimming at the Rec. Centre a couple of times now. And they’ve even gotten a trip to the Lego Store, which is a big highlight for them. Overall,  life is going fine.

Thanks again to those of you who are praying for us. It is certainly felt.

Back at it Again…

Well, yesterday I got a break from treatment for machine maintenance day, but today I’m back at it.  I thought some of you might be interested to see what I look like during treatment so here’s a picture.  It’s not the best quality but you can see the lovely mask I get to wear each time. Lenora took this with her iPhone on the first day of treatment. You can also see, when they call it a treatment “couch”, that’s a little deceiving. LOLIMG_2686.JPG

Radiation Treatment – One Week In

So many people are asking me how the treatments are going so far.  Honestly, I hardly notice a difference up to this point.  That’s the good news.  Unfortunately, they tell me that side effects normally don’t begin until after the second week of treatment. That’s the bad news.

I’ve done five treatments so far and today is a day off for machine maintenance.  I’m enjoying a day at home with the boys and Lenora took the good opportunity to get some errands done around the city.  We’ve been here for just over two weeks now and are getting a bit more settled, I think.

Anyway, let me know if you’re reading this and I’ll know to keep going.  Just comment below or follow the site.