Back at it Again…

Well, yesterday I got a break from treatment for machine maintenance day, but today I’m back at it.  I thought some of you might be interested to see what I look like during treatment so here’s a picture.  It’s not the best quality but you can see the lovely mask I get to wear each time. Lenora took this with her iPhone on the first day of treatment. You can also see, when they call it a treatment “couch”, that’s a little deceiving. LOLIMG_2686.JPG


13 thoughts on “Back at it Again…

  1. Hey Peter thanks for the update, yes it does look deceiving😃. I will continue to read. Glad you enjoyed the day off and are feeling fine as of yet.


  2. Peter, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! May God continue to uphold you and your family as you are in treatment 😊⌛️


  3. A lot cooler than a calander eh Peter??😉😉lol. (Inside joke) Very neat that your doing the blog. Ill definitely keep reading it.


  4. The mask is a little out of season since Halloween has passed. lol. Great to hear that you’re doing alright! Remember, when buying animal cookies to check the seal eh!


  5. Hi Peter and family, I love the family picture you have at the beginning. It is indeed a journey together as a family. You are in my prayer every morning! A metal cough I can live without! I am also claustrophobic, imagine me laying on this. My nerves would need to be as hard as the cough you are laying on. Please keep in touch!


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