Starting to feel it.

So yesterday, after treatment, I noticed I was very tired. Today, same thing. I think maybe the fatigue is starting. However, no hairloss yet (at least not from radiation, lol).  Oh well, I’m sure thankful for first while of no side effects.

Each day, I travel to and from my appointments with a volunteer driver through the Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Driver Program. What a wonderful program.  Interestingly, the first day, the driver and I were just chatting and it turns out he is married to my mom’s first cousin. Small world. They pick me up, wait during my treatment and then drive me home again. I can’t imagine doing this without that program. Sure will change my answer the next time they call about a donation. :mrgreen: Also, today the driver gave me an electric blanket that Sunbeam Canada had donated for patients. Very nice program.

The boys are doing alright with the adjustment to city life. There’s a nice big park just down the street from our rented house. They’ve been swimming at the Rec. Centre a couple of times now. And they’ve even gotten a trip to the Lego Store, which is a big highlight for them. Overall,  life is going fine.

Thanks again to those of you who are praying for us. It is certainly felt.


7 thoughts on “Starting to feel it.

  1. Hi Peter, Lenora and boys! What a great program for sure, so glad it’s there for you to use! Well, those side effects were bound to show up sooner or later, just glad you had the first few weeks in Edmonton to settle in without them! Thank you for sharing! Praying and thinking about you lots!!


  2. Hi Peter and Lenora, Emery, Carson, Owen and Tucker!! Keep on blogging and keep us posted! We come to the city on the 29th, would love to come see you! Praying for your family!!


  3. So glad how God is providing in the midst of trials! We are really missing you guys here, especially Troy who can hardly believe his best buddy Carson won’t be here on Friday for his birthday! Praying the side effects stay minimal!🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼


    1. Hey Troy. We hope that you had a great birthday! Not only is Carson missing you – we all are missing you all!! Love from the Brauns!!


  4. It’s so great to hear you are settling in ok and that there’s great help that’s available to you. We love reading these updates as a family and are praying for you daily!! I love how since Christmas the kids are praying for yours by name! 💜 We are praying that your side effects will be minimal. Much love from our family to yours!


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