Lenora’s Birthday

So Thursday was my lovely wife’s birthday. Coincidentally, my sister was here with her son who has a birthday that same day. My mom also came with them. So we went to an indoor trampoline park to let the kids burn some energy. Looked amazingly fun, but sadly, I couldn’t join in. However, to prove how young she still is, Lenora did join in.



Then after that bit of fun, we all came back here for supper and birthday cake that me and the boys whipped up the night before (the cake, not the supper).  Thanks for the inspiration, Fred.


As far as we know, no one got sick or died from it.  The best part was, I felt wonderfully energized that whole day. I jokingly said to Lenora, maybe that part was God’s gift to her. 😉

Anyway, Happy Birthday again, my sweet. I love you a bunch.


5 thoughts on “Lenora’s Birthday

  1. So glad to hear you had a good day! Looks like so much fun at the indoor park, our boys would love that!
    Our boys are counting down the days until Easter. ☺️


  2. That is so refreshing to read that your family recognizes all those blessings in life despite what you are experiencing. May you continue to be aware of Gods daily blessings. I always love the photos you attach to updates as well.


  3. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes :)! Miss you all and love you all!

    Peter, how I love ‘growing older’ with you. It was a very special day – best cake I’ve ever eaten, I think! Beginner’s Luck, or what :)? Love you forever, my sweet!


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