God’s Provision

So I need to clarify. Someone texted my wife and asked if Owen had been injured on the slide hill, or why he had had surgery.  I then realized I hadn’t said why, thinking many of you already knew. Owen had his Adenoids removed.

As most of you know we still have our home in La Crete.  When we left La Crete, we had verbally rented out our house starting in March. However, those people had something come up and had to cancel recently. Of course, we were dissappointed, but we could understand their situation as well. Now, today, someone else called and it’s been rented for two months for a fair bit more than we would’ve gotten from the original renters.  Out of desperation, I had originally agreed to a really low rate, which I later regretted but couldn’t really go back on. God saw back then that I would get more and orchestrated the events this way.  Again, He has shown that His way is best, if we’ll only just trust Him.

Only one more treatment left to go and I’m done radiation. Time has really gone by quickly. At the Cross Cancer Institute, they have a bell outside each radiation unit that you’re supposed to ring after your last treatment, so I’ll do that tomorrow and post a picture of me and my family, as they’re coming to celebrate with me.


3 thoughts on “God’s Provision

  1. Wish you were ringing it for your last chemo treatment but this is good too. Glad to hear you got renters even if just for a short while. In the meantime something else may very well come up. Will keep this also in my prayers. Love you all.


  2. Praise the Lord! He is faithful to meet all of our needs! So glad that your treatments are going well and that you are seeing His guidance over and over again. We continue to intercede for you and your family! This teacher’s convention we attended a session called The Weathering Grace of God. The speaker, Charlene Thornsby of Living Faith Bible School in Alberta based her presentation on a book by the same title and written by Ken Guire. She had gone through cancer treatments, the divorce of a son and other traumatic experiences (some of which she didn’t talk about.) But in a very real sense she shared sorrows and then said that there are not always reasons and answers to explain these things. We need to accept a sense of mystery knowing that God is good. He is in control and that He is doing something wonderful in my life. She contrasted the plains and the mountains of Colorado to explain that it is the upheavals in our lives that form the rugged mountains. When tourists come to visit Colorado, they don’t spend their time on the level plains where everything is easy-going. But they go to see the mountains where there is great beauty as a result of traumatic upheaval! God is doing something magnificent in our lives!

    Love to you all in the Braun Family, Rosalind


    1. Rosalind, time and time again God uses your words to bring me great encouragement! I praise Him for that (and yes, it is the mountains – which were compared to the trials in our life – that inspire an awe inside of us about Who God is!). I love how you can look at everything in life, and find ways to glorify God…at a time when our government is making some seemingly godless choices regarding our school system, He still provides a godly speaker to bring hope to you at this year’s convention – Praise God!
      ~ Lenora


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