Update Photos

Here are some of the pictures I promised. Nothing much else new, so I’ll just leave it at that. God is continuing to provide and uphold us and make all this more than bearable.

2016-02-18 007
The radiation Therapist was nice enough to take this picture of my family standing by the actual radiation machine. She mentioned how most of those who work there have some sort of history with cancer that encouraged them into that chosen career path.  Makes me wonder if any of my boys will ever work in the medical field because of the experiences of their childhood.


2016-02-18 008
This is me holding the special bell that I got to ring signifying the end of radiation treatment.  Sadly, I was looking off to one side when the camera snapped.
2016-02-18 005
Here you can see how perfectly straight my hair fell out. The hair only falls out where the radiation hits my skin. So in my case, all the way around. 😉


2016-02-08 002
As I mentioned in a previous post, Carson is doing really well with the Rubik’s Cube.  This morning he solved it from totally mixed up to completely solved in 8:08.  That’s probably not his fastest time, but it was the first time we timed him.



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