Enjoying my Break

We’re right near the end of my two week break from regular trips to the Cross Cancer Institute for treatment. Tomorrow I go to see the Chemo Doctor to see about when we start that process.  I thought I would share a few more pictures of things we’ve done during that break.  There’s no picture to prove it, but I’m working on putting  our home video’s together and onto DVD.  Lenora, this time I think I’ll actually get it done.

Emery and I went to spend a day working for my brother Will in his wood shop. You can see some of the amazing things he has made at http://www.braunfinefurniture.ca.
I took the oldest two boys to see the Oil Kings play.  Sadly, they lost 6-1 but we had an enjoyable time anyway.
I think this was a bit of a highlight for Emery and Carson, since they’ve gotten quite into hockey lately.  This is them standing beside the statue of Wayne Gretzky holding the Stanley Cup.
2016-03-02 006
This is just this morning. It’s perfect snowman weather out here so the boys took advantage of that.

2016-03-02 001



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