Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Wife.

So on this day, 14 years ago, I married the girl who would become my best friend! Often we hear or see on the wedding day about people marrying their best friend, but I think most who are married for this long would agree, it only gets better with time. There’s one caveat to that, we’ve both grown closer to the Lord over that time, too.  So to those recently married or getting married, here some free advice. Grow closer to the Lord Jesus together with your spouse and your marriage will succeed.  I’ve been truly blessed to have my beloved stand beside me through good times and hard, through better or worse, in sickness and in health. She has been there for me, and with me, and I’m so thankful. I Love You, Lenora!!

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Lenora also does a blog, although mostly as a journal for herself.  I got her permission to link to her most recent post as I thought it was really nice.  I encourage you to read it here.

Here are a few more pictures to update you on our goings on.


For any of the guys I’ve hunted geese with, do you think maybe this guy is a little lost? If you can’t see him right away, look on the roof in the distance.  I theorize that this is a male and he is waiting for his mate who is shopping.


Carson was sure thinking of his buddy Troy when they did this.

Both Owen and Emery got this arch built at the Telus World of Science. We spent the entire afternoon there and barely scratched the surface of what we could all do there.

Tucker really enjoyed pretend flying this humongous jet, and Carson enjoyed this spinning climbing wall and Owen posed in his space suit for a quick picture before flying out to space.

Our boys really needed some exercise and their dream was to find a Christian Karate class. Lo and Behold, a quick google search and we found one.  They open and close in prayer and practice in the gym of a Christian School.



8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Wife.

  1. Peter, I have so often thought back to the day we married, and realized that, having experienced a lot together that was included in our vows, I would speak them to you, if I could again, with so much more depth of meaning than I realized was possible then! We had scratched the surface of what real love was back then but we have dug deeper, and found a rich deposit that was waiting to be discovered 🙂
    …and I thought I loved you then…
    I still take you as my husband with joy! To have and to hold you, from this day forward, and for each day that God will yet bless us with. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. What a joy to realize that when that day comes, death will only part us for a moment, and then we will be together again forever in our home that we are journeying to together! I pledge my faithfulness to you again today, my love.
    P.S. I loved our Psalm today, Psalm 128, it was so fitting for this special day :).


  2. That’s a great post Peter, so encouraging to hear that your love for each other is growing as the years pass. I appreciate your advice about keeping Christ at the centre of your marriage, I’ll try to apply that in my marriage as well!


  3. Loved the update! Jeff wasn’t home on June 1 as he in Fort Mac. So we’ll have to celebrate when he gets back! 13 years for us!❤️
    Will have to show Troy the pics, he’ll be impressed! Always praying for you!🙏🏼❤️


    1. Joanie, that means so much to us! Thanks for praying! And yes, you should celebrate 13 years of marriage:)! It is a special thing to see a family staying together!! Truly something to celebrate.
      ~ Lenora


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