Results of MRI

So last Thursday, I had my first MRI since starting treatment. Today, I met with the Doctor in charge of my treatment at the CCI. She says overall it looks better, but that it’s difficult to pinpoint if it’s just still swelling going down or actual eradication of tumor cells, but either way, it’s a positive thing.

Some things we’ve done recently:


Really interesting fruit options available in the city. Anybody care to guess what these are called?


Carson appears to be telling his brother, Emery, “Bring it on, buddy”.  We took them to an indoor trampoline place again.

Father’s Day walk across the river footbridge near Fort Edmonton Park.

Trying to cool down after that walk. Just sitting in our front yard.

Tucker is tuckered out sometimes and just falls asleep in very unique places.

Some friends took us out on the river today in their boat.  Hard to believe this is right in the middle of the city.  The one on the left shows Whitemud Drive from a different angle if you zoom in a bit.








4 thoughts on “Results of MRI

  1. Never tried it, but curious what it tastes like. Co-op sold them for a very short period of time, not long enough for me to get the courage to try them.


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