Family Vacation

So we were blessed enough to be able to do a bit of a family vacation this summer.  One of our cousins got married in Austin, MB and since we had never been there and since, right now, we happen to live a whole day of driving closer, we decided to go. Congrats to Curt and Samantha.  We wish you God’s richest blessing in your married life. 

We did a fair bit of packing a lunch and eating in a nice park.
We did a trolly tour of Winnipeg.
We enjoy some good Chinese food in Drumheller. The waiter really wanted to get that cross-stitch in the picture.

We started stopping at the public beach just north of Slave Lake for a little break. Our boys love it there.

I’ve finished my third cycle of Chemotherapy since my last update. It feels good to be half done that process. This last round was a bit harder on my body I think. 

We are gearing up to give this homeschool thing a really good effort this next school year. My wonderful wife has poured herself into the preparations with researching every possible curriculum combination. We joke that she be a fully qualified consultant in the not so distant future.

We’ve still been experiencing much of Gods blessing in our lives. From wonderful visits with family to nice days on the river right here in the city, to the kind generosity of many of you in various ways.

It had been a fair bit of time since I last posted on here, but lately several of you have asked when the next update is coming. It’s good to know there’s still some people reading.

We do a family prayer calendar and it’s been our privilege to pray for many of you. God Bless you all until next time. 


2 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Peter, it’s always great to read your blogs and some family information is great and you know that I am all for you as a family enjoying the blessings that God showers upon us all! All the Lord’s blessings as you continue with your treatments.


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