Praise item

I forgot to mention in my last post, that we are praising God for bringing someone to rent our house in La Crete. And not only just someone to provide rent money, but someone coming to La Crete to help further Gods Kingdom there. They are planning to stay one year, starting August 1. So that means we will be in Edmonton a bit longer as my treatment should be finishing in January/February, and we had thought to wait until spring and then move back. But we are confident that the Lord knows best and are thankful that He is providing for us by bringing messengers of the gospel to La Crete. So please praise the Lord with us!


One thought on “Praise item

  1. Very happy to hear, although we will miss you with the longer stay in Edmonton. Glad you keep posting from time to time, since I check when ever I’m curious what your family is up to.


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