Fall Time is Quickly Approaching

Summer seems to be winding down these last few days, and I’m OK with that.  I’ve had a very nice break from active treatment again for the month of August and I’m scheduled to begin round 4 this week.  My white blood cells were “trending downward” again so they delayed me a few days again. I go in tomorrow morning to check my levels and if all is good, then they will send me home with my next round of medication.

2016-08-04 001
We had some delicious shish-ka-bobs a while ago and they were wonderful.
2016-08-05 008
Emery and Carson getting a little hockey in downstairs.
2016-08-13 001
Our dog Echo.  Emery took this picture at the park down the street from our house.
2016-08-15 001
We went to the Zoo for Tucker’s birthday and the boys dressed like twins for the day.
2016-08-15 016
Also at the Zoo, we got a good look at Lucy the Elephant.
2016-08-15 020
Me and Tucker in the train at the Zoo.
2016-08-20 006
Lenora and Carson drew this impressive emblem in the front yard.  Amazing how much courage it took to leave it there.  We have a ways to go to take huge stands for God.
Homeschool is starting on Wednesday.  Please pray for us in this regard.  The intention is for me to be fairly involved this year and teach Emery science and Owen language arts.  So really pray. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fall Time is Quickly Approaching

  1. Thanks so much for updating! The boys and I enjoyed looking through the pictures! Every picture they commented on how the missed you guys!😢
    Thankful for how the Lord has and is providing, we’ll keep praying!🙏🏼❤️


  2. Nice pics:) always enjoy reading your updates and those shish ka bobs look appetizing 👌. Hey Peter also great to see there’s no blackies anywhere close to the artwork on cement pad hahahaha sorry I couldn’t resist


  3. Awww, seeing these comments makes me miss you ladies sooo much!!! (and you, Tim) ☺️
    You all are going to have to come visit sometime, miss you! 😃
    Take care, and hi to your families!
    ~ Lenora


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