Most Recent MRI

So a few of you have asked about if I’m still doing updates to this blog, that must mean it’s been too long since my last one, but it’s good to know there are still people reading.

Here is a picture from my most recent MRI, performed on October 19.  The large black areas in the middle are where they already removed tumor and those areas are now just fluid. As you can see, I now have a reasonable excuse for being a bit slow, there’s a lot of brain cells missing.


My Doctor at the Cross Cancer Institute was quite pleased with this image.  The report says “Relatively stable appearance-no adverse change seen. There may be minimal decrease in FLAIR signal abnormality at the site of bifrontal craniotomy/resection.” Pretty wordy statement that translates pretty much to “looks good”.

They are also considering taking me off Procarbazine entirely because of some side effect issues.  I would then be on only the two other medications, which would suit me just fine as this one is the one with the annoying dietary restrictions no one quite knows about. As of today, my Neutrofils were too low to start again, so we wait another week.

We’ve also been richly blessed by some visitors from La Crete.  Thank you so much for coming, it’s appreciated.

Home School is a real challenge lately.  Please pray for our entire family in that regard.

Otherwise, Lenora and the boys are doing well.  We were really encouraged at our church’s Mission Conference last weekend.  Les Peters, serving with Impact Ministries in Guatemala, was the speaker and he really challenged us to live missionally.  Always keeping in mind that every person is an eternal soul, created by God for a purpose.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful Goodness!!!