Christmas 2016 – New Year 2017

So my blood work numbers are still a bit too low to carry on with my last cycle of chemotherapy.  Now I’m just waiting for that to correct itself a bit and then we can proceed.

We have some very selfless friends who are keeping Tucker and Owen on Saturday while the older two boys and Lenora and I can attend a seminar at church called Walk Thru the Bible.  We are very much looking forward to that and hoping to gain in a spiritual sense some good knowledge to go along with the Wisdom we’re hoping to “slowly” gain from that book that Lenora’s Dad lent us.;-)

Some pictures of our regular life days, and yes that’s me sewing Tucker’s “cone” back onto his toque.

Some pictures of our home schooling days.  Owen’s spelling words on a scrabble board for practice and Emery working on a science project in the basement.







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