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So I’ve been tagging many of my posts with words mainly other patients might be googling looking for some information and/or comfort and advice.  I had such a person comment the other day, and I replied. Sadly, I don’t think people are notified when I reply to their comments. So, if you’ve commented, I would encourage you to go back to see if I’ve said anything back.

If you happen to be a fellow brain tumour patient and would like to connect with someone who has been there, you may email me at That way, I’ll get your questions directly.



This past Thursday, Lenora and I went in to the Cross Cancer Institute for the results of my MRI.  Praise the Lord, there was still no growth and again the Doctor was pleased with the pictures, two of which you can see below:MRI - 02-Mar-17

I always like to get my MRI as well as the report, because all those years with Dr. Chow, the surgeon, I always got to see the pictures and he gave me and oral report in person.  So, I enjoy seeing the progression, or in this case the  lack of progression, of my tumors.

So we are now mostly looking forward to the summer, not only for moving back to La Crete, but now also to go visit some dear friends on Vancouver Island.  We have been saving our Aeroplan points for a long time and only now do we have enough for a “short-haul” flight for our whole family.



I am so thankful to the Lord for how amazingly He has provided for my family.  A year ago or so, Lenora was already counting down the days until treatment was over and to be honest, it looked quite overwhelming.  But now I am done and just praise God for carrying us through.  There were certainly many times where there were only “one set of tracks in the sand”.

I have now applied to volunteer at the Cross Cancer Institute to help others find their way.  There are often volunteers available at the front desk for those who don’t know how to find where they need to go.  I hope to share the love of Christ with others in this way and also to give me a bit something to do.