I was diagnosed as having “shadows” on the brain in December of 2011.  I had my first MRI on January 6 of 2012 and met with my Neurosurgeon in February of that same year and had a biopsy in May.  On June 1, our 10th anniversary, I was told it was a glioma, a type of brain tumor.

On June 14, I had my first surgery to debulk and to get a better sample for pathological testing.  When that information came back, I was told it was a grade II tumor.  If you have to have a brain tumor that’s cancerous, a grade II is the best one to have. Sadly, it’s also one of the least common.  It’s the slowest growing of all cancerous brain tumors.  Following that surgery, I lost the use of my left leg/foot temporarily.  I clearly remember sitting outside at our acreage with some friends the first time I experienced movement back in that foot.  What a time of rejoicing that was.

The leg got a fair bit better until my second surgery in January of 2013.  Apparently the Dr had mentioned it in advance, but I didn’t realize the seriousness of it until after surgery.  I was getting transferred to the Glenrose Rehabilitation hospital for more intense physio and when that doctor came for my assessment, I said “oh don’t worry about my leg, last time that all came back about 6 weeks after surgery”.  He looked and me very seriously and said “with second and subsequent surgeries, it’s not nearly as likely to come back at all”.  Ouch.

So after spending 7 weeks total in hospital, I went home with my leg the way it will likely remain for the rest of my life.  But that’s ok, God knows what He’s doing and if I can’t walk right on my own, then I will trust Him to carry me along through life, and He certainly has done that already.

So the first two surgeries took care of the first tumor, but there was still the second one.







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